Experienced Sedation Dentistry in Winnipeg

close up of smiling womanThe feeling of fear and anxiety during a dental visit is something many people struggle to overcome. While there’s nothing unusual about being a bit nervous, staying calm and relaxed during a dental procedure ensures a better experience and allows our team to accomplish more during your visit. We offer sedation dentistry to our Kildonan and Winnipeg communities to help you take charge of your oral health.

At the practice of Dr. Jerry Abells Artistic Smiles, we have a real passion for helping you access professional dental care without feeling nervous, stressed, or uncomfortable. We’ll walk you through our Winnipeg sedation dentistry procedures and help you get the quality, personalized service you deserve without judgment. Call to schedule your appointment today!


How Does Sedation Dentistry Help?

woman in dental chair awaiting treatmentFear of dentists often stems from a previous bad experience and the stories we hear from close friends and family members. Some of these fears are also motivated by feeling a lack of control in the dentist’s chair, which can create anxiety. By using sedation methods and creating a non-threatening environment, we can enhance your feeling of self-control and minimize the triggers that generate unpleasant emotions.

Our team will treat you with careful consideration of your fears and how you feel about dental procedures. We will thoroughly discuss what your dental treatment entails and listen to your side of the story to understand your pain threshold. With this understanding, we can recommend the right sedation option and help you remain calm and comfortable during your treatment.

Our Winnipeg dental sedation offerings can also be beneficial if you:

  • Have a fear of shots and needles
  • Experienced past traumatic dental experiences
  • Have a sensitive gag reflex
  • Are anxious about the noises or smells during treatment

Our Dental Sedation Options

If you haven’t had sedation before, you may have questions, such as what sedation options are available, how it will make you feel during and after the procedure, and the possible side effects. We will provide answers to your questions before the treatment to ensure you understand everything and are comfortable proceeding with your appointment.

Sedation options we offer include:

Nitrous Oxide: This inhaled sedation is commonly referred to as laughing gas and has been used for centuries. It makes you relaxed and comfortable during the procedure and wears off quickly. It is the least expensive sedation option and effective for mild to moderate dental anxiety.

Oral Conscious Sedation: Oral sedatives are available in pill form and work well if you have mild or moderate dental anxiety. It can also be combined with nitrous oxide if needed.

What to Expect with Sedation

portrait of happy middle aged coupleNitrous oxide is administered by a mask placed over your nose. With this sedation option, you can expect a warm sensation that brings a peaceful and tranquil relaxation. Nitrous oxide is an effective sedative that has no adverse side effects. You will still be conscious enough to communicate to our dentist and even drive home after treatment.

For oral conscious sedation, you will take one pill the night before treatment and another pill one hour before the procedure. The prescription may vary depending on the type of oral sedative and your level of anxiety. The results can be mild to moderate depending on the dosage and may make you feel drowsy. You will need to have someone drive you to and from your appointment.

Is Sedation Dentistry Safe?

Yes. Our professional team, led by Dr. Jerry Abells, is trained and qualified to administer nitrous oxide and oral conscious sedation. We follow the highest safety standards and are careful to check your medical history and conduct a complete diagnostic exam to avoid complications.

Receive the Care You Need with Sedation Dentistry in Winnipeg

happy woman in dental officeWhen it comes to sedation dentistry, proper communication, transparency, and gentle care are the key aspects of success. When you visit Dr. Jerry Abells Artistic Smiles, you’ll experience the patient and compassionate treatment you deserve. We encourage you to be upfront about your fears so that we can customize our care to fit your needs.

All our Winnipeg dental sedation services are geared towards helping you achieve and maintain optimal oral health. Our team will never dismiss your fears or pass judgment based on your past experiences. Instead, we’ll help you enjoy a positive experience using sedation dentistry.

Dr. Jerry Abells is a friendly and compassionate professional who sees and cares beyond your fears. Call today and learn more about our Winnipeg dental sedation options!



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